Partners & Supporters

MyinTuition has partnered with some of the leading institutions in order to launch the MyinTuition Quick College Cost Estimator. We are looking to bring the MyinTuition service to dozens or hundreds of schools across the country. We believe that this is one way to help broaden access to higher education for a range of students that otherwise might not see this as a possibility.

Please Contact Us if you are interested in learning more about how you can help make MyinTuition available to thousands of students across the country.

Wellesley College
ArrowWellesley College helped develop the MyinTuition Quick College Cost Estimator.

ArrowQuestBridge has endorsed MyinTuition and has been highly supportive of our long terms goals of providing greater transparency on college costs.

Comments from Students

“I used the My inTuition tool to help show my family that my dream school was still an option. By using the tool, I could show my family real data, rather than just estimates. It was also much simpler to use than other cost estimators.”
— Becca Gilbert (Wellesley College, Class of 2020)“I used the MyinTuition tool at multiple points in the college search and application process. I was relieved to find the numbers manageable from the start. The most important time I used it, however, was the night after I got my acceptance letter and before I received my financial aid letter. It reduced my stress greatly to see the numbers, and when I got my award letter the next morning, my actual numbers were very similar… And affordable.”
— Ciara Cheli-Colando (Wellesley College, Class of 2020)