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Why use MyinTuition?

  • Engage prospects early in their search process
  • Use it to help communicate your institutions’ affordability
  • Help students and families understand the true cost to attend your institution

MyinTuition is now available to public institutions and to schools whose financial aid system is largely merit-based.

What are schools saying?

“I’ve walked families through MyinTuition on my phone, iPad and laptop at college fairs, evening programs and in our office. It’s just so simple and easy. I once heard a father tell his daughter, after using MyinTuition in our office, ‘You are applying here. I had no idea we could afford this.’ It was just great to witness a parent realize a new opportunity for his child.”
— Joy St. John, Dean of Admission and Financial Aid,
Wellesley College

“We are enthusiastic about any service that makes applying to college, and for financial assistance, easier for students and families, especially those less familiar with the college application process. MyinTuition is easy, intuitive, and reliable for families considering UVA.”
— Greg Roberts, Dean of Admissions, University of Virginia

“MyinTuition will allow high-achieving, low-income students to quickly and easily see that an education at our college partners is financially possible. Adopting this tool on the QuestBridge website will showcase that a financial aid package through Regular Decision can be as generous as a financial aid package through the National College Match.”
— Miriam Lee, Chief Operating Officer, QuestBridge

“Our families find MyinTuition to be a great first step in learning about Williams’ extraordinary financial aid program. We appreciate its ease and accuracy. MyinTuition gets us past conversations about finances and enables us to have the broader conversations about a Williams education that we want to have one on one with students and their families.”
— Ashley Bianchi, Director of Financial Aid, Williams College

“MyinTuition has become one of the most effective counseling tools we have when speaking with prospective students and their families.”
— Scott Wallace-Juedes, Director of Student Financial Services, Wellesley College

FAQs for Schools

What is MyinTuition?

MyinTuition is a groundbreaking tool developed by a leading economist at Wellesley College that is the quickest college cost estimator available to the public. The calculator asks users just six basic financial questions before providing a personalized estimate of what it would cost an individual to attend college. It estimates the out-of-pocket cost paid by the family along with loan and work-study expectations, in addition to grant assistance (“scholarships”) provided by the institution. Using the estimator takes on average about three minutes. MyinTuition clarifies the often confusing process of understanding what college will cost for students and their families.

Whom does it help?

All families benefit from having an early understanding of cost in the college selection process. This tool can be particularly helpful for students from low- and middle-income families who may have misconceptions about the true cost of higher- education opportunities. The tool can show students and families that top colleges are within reach for qualified students, regardless of their financial situation. Even if estimates are not exact, it is incredibly valuable to let a student know at an early point in the application process that she or he will have to pay in the vicinity of $10,000 or $20,000, for instance, rather than a $70,000 sticker price.

We implemented a net price calculator already. Why should we also introduce MyinTuition?

MyinTuition is easy to use, quick, and reliable. In fact, many users find it far more simple and less cumbersome than a typical net price calculator. MyinTuition provides a quick read at the start of the college search process to give students and their families a better understanding of their expected costs. It provides a window into options that they may have otherwise thought of as being “not affordable.” Surveys of users report strong satisfaction with the tool, and 80 percent of users who begin MyinTuition complete the process, which is far higher than the completion rate for net price calculators. At Wellesley, MyinTuition provides eight times the number of estimates provided by the net price calculator. The net price calculator can still be a valuable tool towards the end of the process to provide more precise cost estimates, but MyinTuition is a great place to start.

What have been the benefits for schools that adopted MyinTuition?

Elite colleges miss too many high-achieving students who never apply because of cost misconceptions. Information regarding the cost of higher-education opportunities contributes to better matches for students. MyinTuition can demonstrate that a top college is within reach—and it could even be the most affordable higher-education option.