How can MyinTuition help you?

Your work is incredibly valuable – and time-consuming!

Financial aid is complicated.

We have a tool that can help!

How can MyinTuition help your students?


Many believe that top colleges are financially out of reach.

In just 3 minutes, MyinTuition can help students/families see that a top college is not only an option, but also a realistic financial fit.

It can help you help them!

How is this different from the Net Price Calculator?



  • Requires 6 or 7 questions
  • Requires basic financial information that most people know
  • No need to refer to tax records
  • Takes the average user just 3 minute to complete
  • Great for use early in the application process

Net Price Calculator

  • Requires answers to many questions
  • Requires financial sophistication
  • tax records are necessary
  • Many users fail to complete them
  • Modest benefits early in the application process